Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Borghese: Raspberry Sorbetto

Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto swatch

borghese raspberry sorbetto

So I’ve seen this brand for a while now at Shoppers. But I always wondered why they charged 13 dollars for a drug store brand... that costs more than OPI/Essie/China Glaze. :S (plus 13% tax for me)

So anyways, one day my mom and I were in Montreal and we decided to get a few polishes. I end up getting Sally Hansen’s Midnight in NY and my mom got this color over here. I believe it was on sale for 6.99 or 7.99, I can’t remember.

In these pictures I used 3 coats, I could have stopped at 2 but this polish took long to completely dry so when I looked back it had some minor dents. The color itself is pretty, nothing unique or exciting. Also, I find the brush strange to work with... it was a tad shorter than most my brushes, and stiffer; Nothing too hard to work with.

Overall, I don't think the price is right for this brand. It's a drug store brand; if they positioned their brand as a luxury item, then it might be a different story. Because when you market an item in such a way, customers expect to pay drugstore prices. I don’t have a problem paying any amount for polish as long as I think the product is worth it. i.e. 30 dollars for a bottle of Chanel, lol. Does anyone feel the same way?



  1. Its a cute strawberry pink in my opinion.
    But yeah, nothing special here.
    However I would buy it for around 4-5 at most.
    Since I love my pinks.



  2. I love this color! It reminds me a little bit of OPI I'm Indi-a Mood For Love.

    And you are right about positioning this item. But maybe this brand wanted to make a statement or something? That drugstore products can be qualitative good too. And to strengthen this, they had to match a price. Because people won't expect any quality if they just paid 3 dollars for it =P.

    Other brands are doing it the other way around; positioning their products as a high quality-product with a ridiculous price while it's totally crap =P. And people won't even notice, lol.

  3. AnnKiins: Yea,the color is not bad at all. But then again what could ever go wrong with a pink creme. lol

    Ning: I think you're right that they are trying to mould our perception of the brand by charging a more premium pricing.

    But I feel that they do not truely understand how the customer perceive the value of the product and they didn't build the pricing strategy around it.

    Other strong brands like Chanel can command a premium price in the market place because how the brand is marketed, and distributed. i.e High end department stores. (Holt Renfrew, Saks, etc)

    Okay maybe I should stop here. I love how we are talking pricing/branding strategies. hahah the inner marketer in us is dying to come out. LOL

  4. Hahaha, I love to talk about marketing too. Nobody is ever really right. It is like psychology =P.

    I just have a little problem with the language barrier ^^". I am not always exactly saying what I want to say O.o

  5. I totally agree with you! I always wondering why they were so expensive (and whats up with Nicole by OPI being $11.99?? OPIs cost $9.99 at the salon!)

    I have one borghese (in pistachio) I picked up on sale for $7.99 and as much as I love the color it is not worth $13.99 IMO. The brush works very well for me!

  6. Ning: I think sometimes it just happens without the language barrier. Sometimes my brain is not translating the random thoughts in my mind. haha

    Tasha: Yea, I do find that strange too... but it seems that both Nicole/Sephora by OPI costs more than the regular OPI.

    Good news is Borghese and Nicole by OPI both go on sale quite often. Right now Shoppers Drug Mart, Well Pharaprix for you is having a sale. I think it's 6.99 for Borghese, and 7.99 for Nicole.

    then something about a gift card valued at 10, 100, or 1000 if you spend over 50 dollars before tax. (it'll probably be a 10 dollar gift card, lol)

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  8. This brand is soooo expensive for nothing.
    Befors this brand was found at holt renfrew I think,so that's why they're pricey..and i worked for pharmaprix (shoppers) the cosmetics,nail polish,everything is MORE expensive there (regular price) so it's a trap lol.
    You pay for the name,and when I tried it (it was a burgundy color) I put like 2 coats with a base and a top coat and it chipped like 2 days after..ridiculous!
    but still the color is cute,but i'll never pay 13 plus taxes for this brand again!