Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Beautiful Life: Hot Rod

Direct Sunlight:
A Beautiful Life Hot Rod

ABL Bright Red

Soy-based nail polish red colour

So I recently had the chance to try out ABL's non-toxic nail lacquer. They sell for $12USD on their website and at Urban Outfitters as a web exclusive.

Note to us Canadian girls: They do ship to Canada by international priority mail for $14, and it'll take 5-10 business days.
This polish is a bright candy red with tiny little glass flecks. From far it looks more like a jelly. As for the application, I had no trouble at all - dried relatively quick and I did happy 3 coats.

What's differentiates these polishes with other polishs on the market is that they are soy-based (as well as their polish remover - review coming soon). I also noticed that it doesn't have a strong fume to it either. Apparently it's suppose to have a mild scent of grapefruit. What ever the smell is supposed to be, I love how it doesn't smell! haha, yeah I'm not sure if you girls know but my sister and I both paint our nails with a mask on to minimize the inhalation of fumes.

Other colors!

I love how Go Go looks... I'm a sucker for anything that looks peachy/cantalope.

I have high hopes for this black polish, I'm hoping for it to come out as a black jelly like my China Glaze Liquid leather except with 2 coats (not 4 or 5 like ChG...ahem..)

*These were sent for review


  1. Cute red c:
    But they are quite expensive.

  2. very interesting red, I'd say neither warm nor cool. the shimmer is a nice touch =) I love the way it looks on you. btw, kinky name, isn't it? =D

  3. That's a pretty color. I like how the shimmer is subtle. I like the looks of Rockstar (purple).

  4. AnnKiins: Yea it's pretty cute, I don't actually own that many reds, but they are so...flattering!

    I do agree that it is a bit on the pricer side, perhaps soy cost more? LOL

    Trincess: Oh thank you! haha it really is..."Hot Rod" - what more could a girl want...? hahahaha

    Megan: Yea, you know me I'm not big on shimmer usually but when it's subtle I'm very happy! Speaking of rockstar - it almost looks like a more purple shimmery version of Chanel's paradoxal?

  5. Hi! I love your blog, I read every post and enjoy your beautiful nails.

    I just wanted to let you know that nail polish does not emit "fumes" they are actually called vapors. Unfortunately a face mask does nothing to protect against vapors, but it will certainly protect you from dust particles! You would need to wear a gas mask for any protection from vapors. Hehe can you picture us polishing our nails in gas masks? =D


  6. Oh the colors look very familiar... But I don't want to be prosecuted... And $12 when I can have the same for $3, no way...

  7. Alisa: Dammit, excuse me while I visit my local walmart for a gas mask. LOL!

    I wouldn't mind using one actually... might be a bit creepy. LOL

    Lise: In today's market, I think almost any color would have a dupe :)

  8. Hehehe if you start polishing with a gas mask I insist you take some pictures in some sort of post-apocalyptic perhaps Soviet-ish location! =D


  9. omgosh, I almost love all the colors ^^.