Friday, July 2, 2010

Viva La Nails

Day 1:
viva la nail stickers

Day 2:
viva la nails

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I was away on vacation in Montreal for the week. So before I left it was Saturday night I decided to test out a few stickers. I did both ring fingers and put top coat on top.

By Sunday, all major details were still in place, just the smaller dots seemed to disappeared.

By Monday (Day 2) an entire flower went missing! Oh boy, it was really bothering me... and it's not like I brought another bottle of polish with me on the trip.

By day 3, both designs were gone.

Overall, the design was very cute. I think it was the texture of the sticker that made it easy to wear down because my sister tried out a different pair and it lasted about a week.

I will continue to try out different designs from the Sample package I got from Viva La Nails. If anyone is interested they can go to: Viva La Nail's Website

Also for all bloggers, they are giving away sample packages for review. Just look around, it took about 2 weeks until I got my package in Canada.


  1. Super cute design but :( that it didn't last too long.

  2. Yea, I'm thinking maybe I should add another layer of top coat to really seal it in? haha.

  3. Definitely try that. I pile on the top coat when I use decals. ;)

  4. I definitely will!and to think at one point I was thinking "maybe I can skip top coat" LOL

  5. Heya!

    Thanks for trying out our sample pack! :-)

    But yeah - you haven't used these stickers properly, you have to use top coat to secure them in place. Same applies for water decals.


  6. Oh no problem. lol I did use top coat! Hm maybe I'll try my seche vite next time and play around see which one holds the designs better. :)

  7. Is this Done Out In Deco? Because it looks more grey in these pictures.

    And most of the time when I use stickers, one layer of top coat is enough for not losing the sticker for a whole week. I think it wasn't your fault ;D.

  8. lol yes... BUT it was my blackberry camera that shot it. So the color wasn't accurate (see how they look like two complete different colors)

    My excuse was that I was on vacation XD

  9. Oh I know ;D. But I thought maybe this is how the color really looks like ^^.