Sunday, July 25, 2010

OPI: Ogre the-top Blue

Direct Sunlight:
OPI Ogre the-top Blue

Ogre the top blue swatch

OPI ogre the top blue swatch

Another lovely blue from OPI! I used 3 coats here, you could probably get away with just 2. This is a very nice, rich blue. This is the only color I brought from the shrek collection.

I think I've been obsessed with Blues these days, there is this one color from Orly (Snowcone) that I've been dying to get my hands on! Ugh, I am having no such luck finding it at any store. : (

Edit:Oops, I posted the kitty twice, I forgot I had one scheduled to post automatically. LOL


  1. Gorgeous blue!
    That kitty is way too adorable :)

    Might have to try Ebay for that Orly if you can't find it.

  2. Awwww I could stare at that kitten all day! Great blue!

  3. Oh that is gorgeous...and the kitten is So Cute! :D Seriously, though, I could stare at that blue all day.

  4. ShortAndSweetNails: Yea I see a few listings on ebay but then I think I need to make a paypal account :( I'll look in on it some more!

    Jen: Ah yea, I like kittens that have stripes like a tiger. hehe

    Zara: Ah yes, it's a great blue same with OPI's No room for the Blues. Both very pretty.

  5. Have you tried looking online for the Orly polish? I'm not sure where you live (so I'm not sure how the shipping prices would be for you) but I know a lot of the online shops that sell discounted polishes (head2toebeauty, victoriasnailsupply, transdesign, 8ty8beauty) all sell Orly, and I know that at least head2toe and victoriasnailsupply have Snowcone (they all carry Orly, but I'm not sure about that particular color).

  6. I think I checked transdesign & 8ty8 beauty. Right now I'm hoping maybe I can swap it on makeupalley and give that a try. If I really can't... I guess it's time for ebay. LOL

  7. Well, good luck =D I checked a little while ago, neither of those have it, but victoriasnailsupply does. I just recently ordered/received 20 polishes from them, and was kicking myself afterward for not ordering Snowcone. It really is a gorgeous color.

    And since I'm posting twice lol I might as well say, that Ogre the-top Blue is really pretty awesome, too. And I'm ridiculously envious of your nail shape <3 I've been keeping mine short lately, but always drool over well manicured longer nails.

  8. I love this blue! And don't you like Funky Dunky? ^^

  9. Shanna: thanks!

    oh I checked the Victoria Beauty supply, looks like they dont ship to Canada :( I will somehow find it!

    Ning: I was thinking funky dunky looks so similar to grape pop I could pass on it. LOL