Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of the Most Awesome Colors Ever: Essie's Knockout Pout

Direct Sunlight:
essie Knockout pout swatch

Neon pink nail polish

Essie neon pink
It's even better in real life!

Oh boy, I feel overly happy right about now. After buying a few polishes, I quickly got home and decided I want to change colors. Since I’ve been dying for one of Essie’s neon colors (Knockout Pout & Pink Parka) I found Knockout pout sitting there along with its collection.

The first time I saw this color I already loved it, but my sister stopped me said I had enough pinks. (For the record, she stopped me around 3 times I encountered this color.) So this time I had an excuse... and it was something along the lines of “I’ve been really looking for a good neon for quite sometime now” LOL

Anyways, after applying it on I was thinking “Sh*t son, it’s so wonderful – should I buy a back-up bottle? But then what are the chances of me finishing any bottle in my collection...” So I run off to find my sister and I was like: “Milan, I think I am in love...” and guess what? She agrees that it’s a cute color :D

Oh yeah, 3 coats here :) No application troubles. It was just wonderful, if you are looking for a neon that doesn't look too over-the-top, this is your color!

Little elephant finds a new home:

So my aunt was over this week, and she fell in love with this little elephant I made a while back so I gave it to her. I tend to make animals here and there when I find time. hehe. I thought I should share some of my work :)



  1. That is such a pretty color! Also, I love the elephant. He is too adorable for words. :D

  2. Essie makes the greatest pinks.

  3. Omg, that elephant! D: It's so cute! *cuddles it*

  4. Zara: Ah yea, I'm going to try and keep this on as long as I can!

    Jeanelle: I totally agree, they have the prettiest pinks! I mean pink will always have a place in my heart. hehe

    Shanna: hehe, they were made for good loving! LOL

  5. WAAHHH!! I love both things in this blog =P. The pink is very very nice. It looks a little bit like my 'Elephantastic Pink' from OPI.

    You are very creative ^^. You made this elephant a while ago X.x How old were you then?.. Did you made this by inspiration?

  6. Oh I have that color but this is quite different, it's a-mazing!

    Oh a while ago meaning few months ago LOL! I'm 22, out of no where I got into making cute dolls. I felt like an old lady. haha

  7. You felt like an old lady? Haahahah! But where does dis elephant came from? From a picture or a book?

  8. Oh yea, when I had a friend over and I was teaching her we were sitting there crocheting away and I'm like god I can picture myself pregnant while making toys for my unborn child. LOL

    This is free hand! I originally learned to make animals from a book called "Amigurumi World - seriously cute crochet" by Ana paula rimoli.

  9. Hahahaaha!

    But wow! Freehand! I love it ^^.

    I love to make things with my hands. I looveee Origami ^^. But this kind of stuff I love to do too ;D. Thank you for the information.

  10. Omg, I used to fold all sorts when I was young. I remember at my school they had a Orgami book that I borrowed and I didn't want to give back. LOL

    Oh if you start you're going to make all sorts of animals. They make nice gifts to give to your friends lol

  11. Hahaaha, you didn't want to give back, lol!

    Do you still do Origami? I love to (try to) make flowers and stuff. And lately I am very into kusudama's ;D.

    I started to do Origami since I was a very little girl - like 5 years old or something. My aunt from Taiwan sent me a book with some very simple Origami for kids. And since then I have never stopped ;D.

    Last year I bought a quite expensive book with Kusudama's in it + explanations etc. I ordered it online, because no bookstore here did sell that one.

    Once it arrived I figured out that that book is for 'nerds' =P. Every Kusudama was explained in math-terms instead of clear pictures of how to do it. It made me crazy. When I was ordering this book I already thought it was weird that the category was 'exact science'. I thought it was a mistake =P.

  12. Noo! I forgot how to, I usually follow a book. Couple of years ago I brought one that featured making origami with post-its.

    Okay so I googled Kusudama and wow! That looks crazy!! Oh god - math instead of pictures?! I usually like to glance at the picture and skip the reading. lol

  13. I skip the reading too. But this is crazy. They are talking in Origamiterms - which I don't know cause I have never learned them. I learned to fold Origami by pictures (in steps), just like you.

    So it's like: 'First do the *bla bla fold* and then do the *bla bla fold*, after that do it like 60 degrees this and 80 degrees that etc etc.. OMG ><

    The people who made this book don't see Origami as a beautiful handcraft but as a mathprohect -___-'.

  14. LOL! that takes the fun out of everything.

    I would be so frustrated!