Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hard Candy: Hypnotic

Direct Sunlight:
Hard Candy Hypnotic swatch

Hard Candy nail polish Hypnotic

hard candy nail polish swatch

If anyone noticed while reading my blog I have a thing for crèmes and jelly... not so much shimmer, frosted polish. But hey, never know, I may convert one day lol.

With this polish it runs on the sheer side, and I think it was made to be worn sheer. This looks something my mom and aunt would like for their mani, just because it’s sheer and they don’t have time to re-paint their nails as often as I do.

I’m wearing 4 coats here. This color is not my style at all but I think my mom would sure appreciate it :).

Note: To all Canadian girls, I was told that Hard Candy will be hitting the shelves of Wal-Mart some time this August! Hip hip hooray!

*This was sent for review



  1. Hard Candy in Canada?!? Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Finally! thanks for letting us know :)

  3. I usually use colors like these when I can't decided on the next color to use.

  4. Pretty, but not really my speed. I'm glad you're getting Hard Candy in Canada, though!

  5. Meeka: Yea, and it's not too far away from now :)

    Danielle: Np! Hopefully they are at aunt all walmarts :D

    Jeanelle: hehe, funny thing how I mentioned it's something my would like. Because she came over yesterday and saw my swatches and she was like "you must find me this color!"

    Zara: The more brands the merrier! lol

  6. I HAVE NOTICED! Because I have the same taste =P. I don't really like shimmer either - on my hands.

    Although I last found a color from OPI - 'Pompeii Purple' that looks pretty good on me. That color really has something. I cannot find a picture online which represent the right 'real color' of Pompeii Purple. I think that is because of the shimmer; the color looks different any time. It reminds me of a fish =P.

  7. LOL! haha yea, I LOVE cremes!

    Sometimes I'll be shopping and I come across a color and I'm like "ooo! No wait, it's shimmer" and I put it back down. haha.

    Pompeii Purple? Fish? I'm picturing like a Purple version of OPI's Catch me in your net or Zoya's Charla. - Time for me to google this color

  8. HAHAHAHAHA!! I have the exact same reaction, LOL!!,r:4,s:17&tx=67&ty=33&biw=1278&bih=615

    This huge link represents 'Pompeii Purple' quite well. In real life it is a little bit more purpley than this. A little bit like "I'm Indi-a Mood For Love" from OPI, which I have too ^^. I love both colors so much, they just have something sexy when I wear it =P.

  9. Milan is wearing I'm india mood for love right now! My aunt saw it on her and decided she needed to buy that and 9 other colors. haha

  10. WAAAHH! I am wearing that color right now too ^^! On my hands and on my toes (A).

  11. haha! I didn't even get a chance to wear it yet :( Gotta swatch other bottles first.

    So many polishes - and I only have 2 hands!

  12. Hahahaah! Yeah, most of the time I buy a new color, I wear it for a week and then I want another/new color.. :$

  13. LOL, it happens to the best of us. So many colors!