Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hard Candy: Frenzy

Direct Sunlight:

Hard Candy Frenzy Swatch

hard candy nail polish frenzy swatch

Hard Candy Frenzy

First impression: the brush reminds me of Essie’s; both are thin and easy to work with. The formula was surprisingly smooth and applied pretty evenly within the first coat. You can stop at 2 coats, especially if you have short nails because it’ll be fully opaque. But lately I like to 3 coats everything because I put my hands in the light to make sure it’s 100% at the tips of my nails.

In terms of color, it’s pretty bold and vibrant... reminds me of a $OPI’s Ocean Love Potion but with the vibrancy of H&M’s Bella’s Choice, along those lines. M says It looks exactly like this pencil crayon from Laurentien called Azure.

They have an online site if you click here, and also available at Wal-Mart in the States for $5!

Note: The color on the website shows the swatch as a sky blue but it’s not. The color was very hard to capture and edit, but this is pretty close.

More Hard Candy swatches coming up: Hypnotic & Envy

Hard Candy Nail Polish
*These were sent for review



  1. ooh pretty! i always look for hard candy at my walmart but i can never find them :(

  2. Jeanelle: Had you only checked one location? I think you can buy online on the walmart site too.


    Looks like free shipping to home!

    Thriszha: Yea I was all hyped up over the blue LOL after that would be green hehe

  3. Wait, this link is more useful...


  4. This looks lovely! I've looked briefly at Hard Candy polishes in Walmart, but I haven't bought any. Frenzy may be my first!

  5. Looks so good!
    Looking forward to Hypnotic ... I haven't seen that one before.

  6. Zara: I think it's a good place to start! You girls are lucky to be in the states!

    ShortAndSweetNails: Oh I was going to swatch Envy after, but I'll try to swatch Hypnotic first :) That one looks like it's going to be on the sheerer side.

  7. I love this one too. I think I just love every color from your blog ;D.

  8. Ning: It must be because you have very good taste. LOL!

  9. Hahahahaa, you are funny =P

  10. Yea, I should consider dropping out of school and becoming a comedian. LMFAO.. oh god. haha