Sunday, July 4, 2010

essie: Cute as a Button

Direct Sunlight:
essie cute as a button swatch

essie cute as a button


This is very strange, from the swatches I've seen online I expected this color to be more... orange. But in most indoor lighting it looks like a juicy pink, and outside it looks more orange. I decided to sport OPI's Hot and Spicy on my toes lol, I think they look cute together.

I used 3 coats in these pictures. The formula and the brush was very easy to work with. I'm not sure if I like this better than OPI brushes.



  1. This looks lovely on you.
    I love your nails :)

  2. This color has something.. But I am not sure what it is =P. Maybe because it is not pink nor orange *thinking*.

  3. By the way, it looks like all the blogs are from you?.. And not from 'm'?

  4. Yea, this color is between pink and orange I don't know what it is! Most of the time it looks more pink to me.

    & oh yea it's mainly me, milan works behind the scene (text and graphics editor.) and I'm the content provider. haha

  5. Oh that is nice ;D. You two really working together, hahah!