Sunday, July 18, 2010

“Emergency “ Kit

So I feel like doing something a little different today. So today I’m going to show you my beauty “emergency” kit that I made a few months ago. The reason I decided to do this is because, starting this Fall I’ll be commuting a bit more than 2 hours (round trip) for school. Since I’ll be downtown a lot, I decided I needed a large bag and a couple of essential items – and what better way to do that then to put it into a cute little bag!

The Emergency Kit:
emergency kit
This is the “Sunshine Cuties” bag by Harajuku lovers from Sephora. If you’re interested you can click here (it’s on sale now too!)

At a Glance:
beauty emergency kit

Batch 1:
beauty emergency kit
Here we have a Playtex 360 tampon (lol), a couple of Advil Liquid Gels, a wet nap, Rolaids, stomach ache pills, Gravol, and two Excel gums.

I don’t know why, but people in my family are like walking pharmacies. LOL

Batch 2:
beauty kit
Second up, La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar Body Milk and Active C anti-wrinkle dermatological treatment, Mini Tweezers by Tweezerman, Listerine breath strips, floss, nail filer, Blistex, Mini sewing kit, and a hair tie.

I don’t know why I have anti-wrinkle cream. I like to occasionally put it on so I’ll never have wrinkles lolol.

Batch 3:

Lastly I have a couple of lip products: Yves Saint Laurents’ Golden Floss, Rouge Volupte #19, MAC Creme Cup, and Sephora lipgloss.

I probably should have other make up in here, but I rarely have to retouch anything else.

The bag that will carry it all:

Yea... so it’s not really a school bag – more like a gym bag. Well, it is a gym bag - but it will fit everything I ever need! Hopefully this will give you ideas for what you need for your own kit :)

Other things I would suggest: Mirror, tissues, q tips, and some money.



  1. That's a good kit and idea! I'm going to have to put together my own little bag :D

  2. Jen: Oh I think you'll have fun! It's weird, I always have a good time packing things...haha.

  3. That's a good idea! I think I'll put together my own kit. :)

  4. Hahaha, I love this! I always have my own emergency kit in my bag too - any bag and everywhere I go. Even when I am going to do the groceries, hahhaa!

    It is practically the same as yours! But everybody around me (like my sisters) think that I am ridiculous ><.

    I see something you haven't added yet ;D. A 'nailclippers' or how do you say that in English ^.^"

  5. Zara: It never hurts to have one!

    Ning: I usually try to remember to carry my essentials in my purse, but I made the kit to throw in bags that are not my purse lolol

    & I hear nail clippers are bad for your nails, and puts unneccessary pressure on them. Since then I just file away. It gets tiring!

  6. I just put this little 'bag' in the bag I take with me ;D.

    And nail clippers are bad for your nails. That is true ^.^ But that is not the reason why I use them ;D.

    I have regularly a small little annoying 'piece' (I really don't know how to call that in English, hahaha) around my nails/cutticles. And then I can cut it away ;D. Or sometimes you have a little something you want to cut =P. Or sometimes I break a nail in a weird way out of nothing ;(.

    And btw, filing really gets tiring, hahahaa! Sometimes, when my nails are very long, I cut them a little bit with a nail cutter and then file the rest ;D.

    And filing the nails on my toes.. OMGosh.. That is killing =P. Most of the time I just cut them and file a little bit, hahaa ^.^"

  7. Ahh the "pieces" I know what you are talking about. LOL I think I use cuticle cutters???

    Yea, filing gets to tiring... I know I'm not suppose to do the "see saw" motion with them, but I mean... 10 fingers......... LOL too much work.

  8. Good stuff there! As far away from home as you're going to be you might also want to take along a change of clothes. Or a Tide stain stick.