Tuesday, July 13, 2010

China Glaze: High Hopes

Direct Sunlight:
China glaze high hopes swatch

China glaze up and away swatches

China Glaze swatch

OoOo such a pretty color, it’s bright and fun and perfect for summer! The application is so so smooth. I had a flawless coverage in just 2 coats. I did a full mani and pedi with it.

I must say, China Glaze's Up and Away collection is my favorite from them. There are a few other colors I want from it...sadly I'm on a no buy for a while.


  1. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog :) I used to hate yorkdale growing up, but i've been going there more often lately. I love finding bloggers from Canada, in Toronto is even better because we get to share sales and deals!

    love your blog by the way, just started following you :)

  2. One more thing, where do you purchase your OPI's and Essie's? there is a beauty supplier close to Yorkdale I will let you know about if you didn't already know about :) they have pretty good prices, but they recently all went up a $1 :(

  3. Danielle: I commented back on your blog.

    Oh and most my OPI and essies are from the supplier near yorkdale. Sometimes I go pacific mall for stuff too. LOL