Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ChG Agent Lavender & Viva la Nails' Water Decals

Direct Sunlight:
viva la nails

viva la nails water decals

Right Hand:
viva la nails nail art
I liked this position better

viva la nails

Indoor with Flash:
viva la nails flowers

Indoor full hand:
viva la nails

This is my first time using water decals so I made a few instructions that may help.

______• A bowl filled with water
______• Mini scissors
______• Tweezers (Optional)
______• Top Coat

Step 1: Cut out the desired design (try to stay close to the design)
Step 2: Remove the plastic cover
Step 3: Place the water decal into the bowl and let sit for approx 30 seconds
Step 4: Gently separate the water decal from the paper
Step 5: Use your hands, or a pair of tweezers to place on the nail
Step 6: Once on desired location press down to secure it in place
Step 7: Top coat

Overall, this is a very cute design. I like this design for accenting the ring & thumb.

On the sheet there is enough designs to do two full mani (if you decide to do all 10 fingers) or in my case five manis! haha. I also like how the images mirror each other.

To check out more water decal designs you can click here :)

These were sent for review



  1. So pretty! One of my faves!! You have gorgeous nails btw!


  2. Holy moly this is gorgeous. *wants your nails*

  3. Jen: Thank you! :D

    Zara: Yea, I liked it more than I thought I would. hehe

    Jen: LOL! ah shucks, thanks : ))