Monday, July 12, 2010

H&M: Bella's Choice

Direct Sunlight:
h&m bella's choice swatch

h&m nail polish swatches

h and m nail polish

This color is very vibrant, almost neon. It also reminds me of China Glaze’s For Audrey; but this color is brighter and slightly greener. I did 2 coats in these pictures, and the drying time was pretty good! I was scared it would take forever to dry. But it didn't :D

Oh yeah, I added 2 drops of thinner in the beginning. I think it would've been okay without it, but the 2 drops helped.



  1. I love this color, I see it everywhere! I'm a little afraid it's too bright for my skintone though...

  2. Really pretty. I don't own any of this brand.

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  3. I love Bella's choice, the colour is amazing! Ever tried to have a matte overcoat over, like Essie matte about you? I love it!

  4. Ashley: Aww really? Perhaps you can try China Glaze's For Audrey. They look pretty similar, except this one is less vibrant/green... and looks very similar to the Tiffany blue.

    Susie: Oh yea this is the first time I brought something from H&M. I even know they had polish! hehe, but yea they only had a few colors when I was looking.

    Mastine: Ah I must try then...because I do have Matte about you! I'll put this on my to do list. kekeke