Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sula Paint and Peel - Azure

Direct Sunlight:
Sula Paint and Peel - Azure

Sula Paint and Peel -Azure @ milan and vanaily

Sula Paint and Peel - Azure

This polish smells different, reminds me of glue... the white one that has a cow or something on it. LOL (Elmer glue, I believe?)

Overall the polish dries pretty quickly between coats, although when you are putting it on it looks grainy and streaky. Once it dries it smoothes out a little bit (but still streaky in terms of texture), and dries darker.

In terms of color, it's quite nice. I'm very happy with the colors I came across. Only thing is that I highly doubt this polish has any endurance, after waiting a couple of hours (~3 hours) I decided to juice some apples and carrots. After I was finished, oh man I had some dents, smudges, and chipping...mind you I did put top coat to “protect” it.

I'll try not to do any labour next time for a good few hours and see how that goes.


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