Saturday, June 12, 2010

Re-post: OPI: Parlez-vous OPI?

Direct Sunlight:



I decided some of my older pics needs re-swatching because I prefer to have my sunlight/shade photos. Plus my nails have gone a long way from when I started blogging!

Original post:
What can I say, it applied like a dream. I love OPI's Pro Wide Brushes <3 I wore this for 4 days. I didn't experience any chipping BUT, I did experience some tip wear on my index and middle finger.

Oh! I have a little story. On Tuesday I had night class, funny thing, as I came into class and sat beside my friend I noticed her purple nails. So I told her: "Oh I like your nail polish! - Wait, it looks like the one I'm wearing"
Her: OPI?
Me: "Parlez-vous OPI?"
Haha, what are the chances.


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