Saturday, June 26, 2010

Questionable OPIs

Fake OPIs:

Something I came across a while ago when I was shopping in this small asian mall. Fake OPI bottles for the low cost of $8 dollars. LOL the hell?

I actually wanted to go in and look at what the name of these colors were... I wonder if anyone would even want a water downed red or pink.


  1. Hmmm lol at those water downed ones! Gee and $8 even!

    I know someone's blog has a post on how to spot a fake OPI.

  2. Laquerized did a post abotu fake OPIs!!! First purses and now nail polishes!

  3. Oh yea, I saw Lacquerized post!

    But seriously 8 dollars is quite a bit... especially for such water-downed colors. Who do they think they are?!

  4. Awful! I would hate to fall for one of those, I've had luck so far!