Sunday, June 6, 2010

OPI: No Room for the Blues

Direct Sunlight:
no room for the blues opi @ milanandvanaily

no room for the blues opi swatch @ milanandvanaily

no room for the blues opi

Oh this was surprisingly very smooth. I’m not sure why I was surprised, but I was. This is a gorgeous blue crème. I can’t stop staring at my hands! I’m glad I tried it out, because I’ve been so focused on taupes, pinks, purples, and mint greens that I haven’t gotten around trying out my blues.

In these pictures I used 3 coats, no top coat. (I usually don’t use top coat unless my polish has sheet marks) Even though this collection is old, I love all the colors... and I love Paige denim 



  1. I adore this color,so pretty!
    And I just love your pictures,your nails are so nice.

  2. Thanks! I still have it on :) I never thought I would like blue so much. hehe

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  4. Hey vee, I love this color! I have been looking for a blue like this for a long time, but there is no store here (in the Netherlands) that sells a color from OPI like this one so I have to order it online.

    I think it is always very hard to judge a color on pictures, so I was wondering if you could make a comparison between this color and 'Ogre-The-Top Blue'. It looks very similar on pictures on the Internet.

  5. Aw, yea for me I'm usually sceptical of buying things onlines. I've heard some stories that OPI are not allowing e-tailers to sell their product anymore?

    Regardless, I will swatch the two side by side the moment I get my hands on Orge the top blue!

    But if you are still on the look out for this color, I would check salons, and asian places... or even call around, you never know! Good luck :)

  6. Np, btw, I remember there were dupes for this color and they are:

    OPI: Just Groovy, Zoya: Yummy, Misa: Right Here Now, No More Later