Saturday, June 26, 2010

OPI: Done out in Deco

Direct Sunlight:
opi Done out in Deco

opi done out in deco swatch

done out in deco opi swatch

This was the second OPI color I have purchased, (first was You’re a Pisa Work). I remember the first time I encountered this color, it was at Trade Secret and I ended up getting essie’s Lovie Dovie and Van D’go... after that I went around the mall and I was debating about whether or not I should get it. Of course the moment I got home I felt immediate regret and the next day I called a few malls around my area trying to find stores that carried it. Lucky for me just when I was about to give up and leave the mall I saw this huge OPI rack at Tonyc and I paced myself in and I found it! It was a good day.

Anyways, I think I should stop babbling. I really like this color; it’s very soft and feminine. I used 2 coats when I took the pictures but I ended up wearing 3. The formula on this color seems a little thicker, but it didn’t affect my application. Now with this color, I think it probably would look best on fair skin... because my sister who’s more tanned than I am looks a bit dead with this color.



  1. I have always wanted this color too! But I've never seen it yet in real life =(. At least I know for sure now that I REALLY want it =P. My skincolor is pretty much the same as yours ^.^

    And I like it when people bubbling - I do that a lot myself too =P. But the difference is; I cannot stop, hahahahaa!

  2. Thanks!

    Oh yea this is a really nice color! I notice not a lot of stores carry this color, but some of the places who carry a larger selection seem to have it.