Friday, June 25, 2010

China Glaze: Dorothy Who & Illamasqua short list

Direct Sunlight:
China Glaze: Dorothy Who

china glaze dorothy who swatch

china glaze dorothy who swatch

Now this one dries super fast! The formula was very smooth and it was very easy to apply. The only down side is that you need around 3-4 coats to reach the bottle color. (You could go for less, since the coverage is even, depends on how dark you want it to look) I used 4 coats for this picture.

So I’ve been wearing this for a day and I’m already experiencing some chipping on my thumb and forefinger. I’m not impressed. :( In general, I change my polish before it even chips! And as I proceed to day 2 there is more chipping! The hell.

So now with the Illamasqua short list. Funny thing, this morning Milan and I woke up and we both recieved an email saying "Congrats you made it to the final 50" out of 6000 contestants so they are giving us 25% off.

We're both flattered, but skeptical as well. What are the chances we both made it out of 6000? Unless we're that talented, haha. So please tell us, who else has received this email?


  1. I got the email as well. Perhaps we ARE that awesome!

  2. kellie: Thank you!

    Alisa: Perhaps so! or it's one big scam to get us all on the website in the next 5 days LOL!

  3. Dorothy Who? is pretty, yet I don't think I'll want to own it anytime soon.

  4. Ashley, I agree... It's pretty yet I feel "meh" about it. lol

    I just had to try out a glitter polish, since I rarely deviate away from cremes