Saturday, June 12, 2010

China Glaze: Bahamian Escape & Konad Image Plate S9

bahamian escape china glaze

china glaze bahamian escape swatch @ milan and vanaily

No Bottle-indoor:
china glaze bahamian escape swatch

So today it's cloudy with showers, heavy showers might I add (otherwise I would still run out to snap a "shade" photo.)So I will make due with 3 indoor photos instead. : )

This color is very opaque, you can probably get away with 1 careful coat but I went with two anyways. The drying time seemed a bit long, but it wasn't too bad since I was painting between commericals as I was watching the Criminal Minds marathon. haha.

As for the Konad image, I used s9. It's such a cute plate, it has japanese flowers with a little Geisha in the middle!


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