Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Finds

Sula - Paint and Peel:
sula paint and peel @ milanandvanaily

Jolee's Jewels:
jolee's jewels swarovski flat back & milanandvanaily

So today I was lingering around Winners and I came across a few beauty products. Most of them were just ugly nail polish colors, or french manicure kits. Then I came across this Paint and Peel nail polish. I'll give them a go later on this week or next.

Price: $6.99 CAD (Compare at 14.00)

My second find today was Jolee's Swarovski crystals. I found this at Michael's, which is a arts and crafts store where you can find scrapbooking material, yarn, beads, stickers...everything. These crystals had a flat back and I figured I could use them for nail art. Each package contains 42 pieces, and is 3mm in size.

Regular Price: $6.99 CAD
Sale: 2 for $10CAD

Update: Hmm, so I've been looking around the Sula website because I was wondering why my polishes didn't have names and looks like someones done the ol' switch-a-roo with the polishes.

Sula Nail Polish
oh least I like all three. So it looks like I own: Azure, Kelly & Dove

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