Saturday, May 29, 2010

OPI: Shorts Story

Direct Sunlight:
opi shorts story swatch

opi shorts story @ milanandvanaily

opi shorts story swatch @ milanandvanaily

I remember, I wanted this color a year ago and I didn't buy it because I wasn't that into nail polish at the time and I figured, "no thanks I'll save my 12 dollars."

I love these blue-toned pinks. They are very flattering! This color applies very evenly, you can use just 2 coats, but it does look slightly better with 3.



  1. In these swatches this colour comes out beautiful!! But I thought 'Shorts Story' was more kind of 'Barbie pink'.

    By the way: You two are the best! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

  2. You just made me want this colour =P.

  3. Aww this makes us happy to hear! hehe.

    Yea, I'm quite pleased with the Paige Denim Collection. I'm glad I got this color, and I think you'll be happy with it too.