Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Current Polish & Make up Collection

...and yes, these are clickable : )
Nail Polish Collection

Close up of OPIs:
OPI nail polish collection

So this is my polish collection that I've accumulated within the past month and a half. Actually I lied, it's been slightly updated since then, but I'm too lazy to take more pictures lol. I don't have as many as I would like, but I'm content with the way it looks all together in our room. I'm hoping by Mid-May to add a second shelf below : ) Wish me & my wallet luck! lol

My Train Case:

Hey, I might as well, no?



  1. Ooooo I'm loving your storage bits!! Where did you get your nail shelf from? What a great idea!!

    P.S I have just recently come across your blog and I'm in heaven! Though I can see a lot of damage being done to my wallet after reading through your blogs! :)

  2. Thanks! I actually got the shelf at this large nail and beauty distributor store that was open to the public and professionals. I found the store looking through my parents Vietnamese newspapers. Haha.

    I would suggest looking up distributors in your area online, and try calling in if they are open to the public and if they sell polish racks. I paid 35 CAD for this rack that is supposed to fit 60 polishes.

    Also if you like check out: http://transdesign.com/ look under polish racks – although I’ve never purchased from this site, I’ve only heard of it through YouTubers.