Friday, August 6, 2010

Love Nails

Love Nails:
Love nail design

Materials for Love:
nail polishChina Glaze: Secret Peri-wrinkle, Sephora by OPI: Read my Palm, Claire's: White Nail Art Pen

So I used a couple of fake nails from the Claire's Nail Art Kit (Thumbs to be exact, lol) It was pretty fun to do - almost like drawing. I had quite the blast that I actaully came up with 7 other designs...LOL! Oh a great plus for the Claire's Pen, it doesn't seem to release any fumes! Yes, I thought that was important to mention because after a while you really don't want to sniff too much polish/acetone.

Last note: If you were to do this as an actual mani, you could draw a heart on the thumbs - although what to do with the right hand? LOL

...and one more for the Road:
andy warhol love nails

Update: So we made a horrible mistake thinking this "Love" piece by Andy Warhol, so correction this was actually by Robert Indiana. Thanks Apocalinda for correcting us. How embarassing :$ We regret these errors.



  1. I like it ;D. But the text seems a bit smaller than usual in this blog?

  2. Ning: oh yea, it was. Oppsy! lolol - all is good now, I fixed it. XD

  3. Yayy, yeah, I am a perfectionist, I had to tell you =P.

  4. Ning: I totally understand that. There are times I know something doesn`t look the way I want it too, and I try to leave it alone and I end up sitting there with my eye twitching. ahaha

  5. Hahahahaa, YESSSS but I won't leave it until I fixed it. Even if it's 4AM, hahahaha!! People around me say that I am insane =P. But I cannot help it ;(.

  6. Oh yea, I mean is it so hard to just appreciate us the way we are. LOL!!

    Although I do admit, sometimes I push myself to the limit but then when it comes down to mental/physical exhaustion I concur defeat and leave everything as is thinking “F***, I hope no one notices - I'm going to bed.” lolol

  7. I don't want to be the killjoy here, because I really like this as nail art, but it's actually by Robert Indiana.

  8. Apocalinda: Oh good god, we have made a horrible mistake! For some reason I was under the impression Andy Warhol did this!

    Thanks for the correction. I will be fixing this promptly